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4Change Energy Encourages Texans Across the State to Make It a Fall4Change

DALLAS - November 2013 - The fall season brings sweeping change across the Lone Star state each year. From changing leaves to cooler temperatures, it’s impossible not to notice the crisp change that’s in the air. With this change comes seasonal warmth that fills the homes of families all over the state. What better time to be the change in your community and begin making your electricity do more than you thought possible? Discover the difference of 4Change Energy today!

4Change Energy is an electric company unlike any other in the state of Texas. So often consumers don’t even think about their energy consumption. Well, 4Change Energy allows consumers to feel great about what their energy is doing by partnering with local charities to enact change in communities across the state!

4Change Energy donates 4% of its profits each year to local chapters of the Texas Food Bank Network, the American Red Cross, Heroes for Children and the American Cancer Society. Best of all, they put the power in the hands of their customers by allowing them to choose which organization their energy bill will help support. 4Change Energy is committed to letting its customers’ monthly electricity usage ultimately empower the lives of others in their communities.

The difference of 4Change Energy does not stop with its charitable efforts, however. Customers of 4Change Energy enjoy simplified services while avoiding unnecessary costs, confusion and lost time. Along with electric service, customers enjoy an expansive online service platform, streamlined customer service and referral benefits! Never before has your energy had this much power.

From Dallas and Fort Worth to Houston and Corpus Christi, 4Change Energy is the best option for consumers wanting to give back to the community while enjoying easy customer service with competitive rates. Now is the time for change—make it a Fall4Change today!

About 4Change Energy
4Change Energy is a Dallas-based electricity company that is committed to giving back to local communities while providing simplified services and referral incentives to customers without unnecessary additional costs. It serves thousands of customers across the state, and partners with local chapters of four major charitable organizations. 4Change makes a contribution to the cause of your choice when you enroll for electricity service and choose one of the four causes from their website.

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Why 4Change?

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  • Big Hearted
  • No Hassles
  • No Worries
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